Baguio: A summer ending’s trip – Day 3

DAY 3 Last day of our trip and we set aside it for shopping – not really with souvenirs, but food, fruits, and vegetables. Baguio supplies most vegetables and fruits which grow and are favorable to its cool climate.┬áTo name a few, lettuce, lemons, strawberry, broccoli, chayote, and salad greens. So we’re set to where…

Baguio: A summer ending’s trip – Day 2

DAY 2 The day was chilly, foggy, and rainy. We just want to enjoy the cool weather and not rush on anything. No stuffs to buy, no target tourist destinations – just enjoy and chill.We started the day at around noontime, after waking up late and spending much time over breakfast, tv, and talks. 1….