Baguio: A summer ending’s trip – Day 3


Last day of our trip and we set aside it for shopping – not really with souvenirs, but food, fruits, and vegetables.

Baguio supplies most vegetables and fruits which grow and are favorable to its cool climate. To name a few, lettuce, lemons, strawberry, broccoli, chayote, and salad greens.

So we’re set to where else, but to the Market.

Inside the Market.

Here, we found not only fruits and vegetables but delicacies as well. There were lots of stalls selling at competing prices. You have to go and check the prices every now and then. Inquire at 2 to 4 stalls first before deciding where to buy. They do have some differences.


This guy has a hearty laugh. 

I bought 2 jars of Lengua de gato, 1 small jar of Peanut brittle, 3 containers of Crinkles (3 for 100 pesos at varied flavors, uhmm not really that sweet), and strawberry pouches. My friends bought jars of ube jam, lengua de gato, and crinkles.

I also bought lemons for 50 pesos for 1 kilogram. (Is it worth it?)


And half a kilo of strawberries at 175 pesos.

We also found a few line of stalls selling coffee grounds such as this one.

Benguet Blends.

We bought half a kilo of benguet blend at 150 pesos.

After filling our bags with bought goods, we went back to our accommodation to get ready and be set for packing home.


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