Baguio: A summer ending’s trip – Day 2


The day was chilly, foggy, and rainy. We just want to enjoy the cool weather and not rush on anything. No stuffs to buy, no target tourist destinations – just enjoy and chill.We started the day at around noontime, after waking up late and spending much time over breakfast, tv, and talks.

1. Chill at Camp John Hay

Our first stop is at Camp John Hay. When we arrived, I suggested we go somewhere to eat, just to fill our stomachs. We dropped off at Pancake House, although there are other restos surrounding the area. The goal was just to eat light.


Banana Pancakes just to lighten up.

After our light lunch, we set off to walking and take pictures along the way.


Flowers again.


Lots of trees around.


This was a scene.


And this too.

Finding Choco-late de Batirol was tough. We were lost and arrived at a Starbucks instead. So we booked for a Grab ride towards the café. Camp John Hay has lots of steeps and slopes and hills. The Grab app tends to become misleading. It may say our ride is arriving, but actually it was still a long way off , due to the steeps and slopes.


At the entrance.

At long last, we’re here. It was drizzling again. Perfect for that sweet, hot, cocoa. The place was filled with people and we have to wait for a suitable table for the three of us to be vacant.


Wooden carvings inside.

Though what we only did was walking, I was hungry again and ordered a pancit palabok, and their hot chocolate drink of course. It should have been perfect with suman, or some sticky rice dessert but I couldn’t find any.


Behold, the hot cocoa at Choco-Late de Batirol.

2. Walk and chill at Mines View Park

Then we booked a ride for Mines View Park. It was traffic-as-usual situation on the way to the park. We don’t want to spend much of our time waiting inside the car. So we got off and continued the way by walking.


Traffic and fog.

It was foggy along the way. We treaded uphill and I was at my slow pace. Just this time. So I asked my friends that they need not wait for me. I’ll just keep up with them when we’ll arrive at the park.


Glad that the fog didn’t go away yet. It was pretty cold there.

The usual photo spots – the big dog, traditional Ifugao costumes, and the painted horse (Of which I’m not a fan of. What’s special about painting a real horse with bright colors? I felt sorry.)

There were lots of souvenir stalls around and I was looking for a rare item – a special wooden carving, a unique shirt, or some accessory. However, I couldn’t find any. (When we were here the last time, we bought a Last Supper wooden carving, which I think is something rare.)

The temperature’s getting colder and we remembered we passed by a restaurant serving some spicy bulalo, so we called it an early dinner, before heading back to our accommodation, where we anticipated to just chill in the night. We walked downhill this time, and had dinner at Miner’s Cabin.


If you observe closely, there was a face carving at a live tree.


View from where we are seated.


Spicy bulalo, perfect for the cold weather.

The staff inside Miner’s Bulalo are accommodating and friendly – way much better than other fancy restos. We had a good time. The combination of spicy soup and the cold weather is just right.

After dinner, we headed back home.


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