Baguio: A summer ending’s trip – Day 1

I would like to share the recent trip we had at Baguio, famously known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

For one, our trip was during the last remaining days of summer. And hello rainy season again! The weather wasn’t quite permitting at all times in our trip. But it was okay. We were able to go through the highlights of Baguio.


1. Stroll at Burnham Park

First we checked on Burnham Park. It was a pretty drizzly afternoon but we still managed to push through with our plan.

Random shots along the way.

Didn’t I say I’m a fan of flowers and natural scenery?

Obviously, I thought so. I mean, these aren’t really common scenes we see in everyday. For me, only Burnham Park in Baguio was able to achieve this kind.

2. Climb through Baguio Cathedral

This is nothing compared to the long flight of stairs at the Lourdes grotto (another famous spot). But walking to the Cathedral from Burnham Park via Session road, (the Cathedral is right at the end of the Session road) was quite a challenge.


The Cathedral is at the peak of Session Road.


I think the roofing of this hut resembles that of an Ifugao hut?

3. Try to check out SM Baguio, for checking out’s sake

For one, SM baguio is different from other SM malls because it is open-aired. No airconditioning inside.

We walked from Baguio Cathedral to SM Baguio which looked nearly visible at a distance. Reality was, we walked up and up and up. And the steep road seems neverending.

It was dinner time and we decided to have Korean dinner at Wood Nymph in SM Baguio. I was craving for some spicy, hot, reddish soup as the surrounding air starts to feel colder.


This view is taken from the restaurant.

We ordered this bacon which we need to grill. (Sorry, I forgot the name) It has accompanying sides such as lettuce, fermented raddish, kimchi, and the like.

And this spicy, red soup. (Sorry I forgot the name also.)


And Dak Galbi.

There, it’s the only dish name I remembered, because I was the one who ordered it.

The food and servings were okay. We ordered a lot and wasn’t able to finish the bacon. My pals weren’t the huge eater types. And they think the food wasn’t just that authentic.

As for me I have no qualms. My craving for spicy soup was met.

4. Go through the ukay-ukay maze at Night Market

After dinner at SM, we strolled to Harrison Street near Burnham Park, for the ukay-ukay Night Market.

Expect lots of people and small trails to walk through. The Night Market was quite a maze. One has to keep walking to keep theĀ movement from the people behind you.

I didn’t buy anything that time for I wasn’t able to find anything that is suited, even if the prices looked fair and desirable.

The ukay-ukay is okay if you’re on the look out for the following:

  • Casual blazers
  • Office blazers
  • Long, thick coats
  • Boots
  • Long sleeves
  • Knitted clothes

There were also souvenir items but I knew there is going to be more of those at Mines View Park.



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