Malaysia: Day 5 – Georgetown

Day 5. Georgetown, Penang.

We just loved Just Inn Georgetown. Accommodation is very clean and affordable. We took the fan room, since it was manageable anyway. We are to spend only a few hours for our sleep and the rest of the day is to explore the town.

We woke a bit late, but it’s okay since we’re aiming to look around street art and Georgetown’s architecture or buildings, only. There could have been more as our innkeeper told us, such as taking the tram to a hill somewhere.

Georgetown was all about street art.



And soft spots in every corner.

The day was fun. We had fun with our street art pictorials and art was so everywhere all over the town.

20151123_143156Food was great. And cheap too. We had the famous Char Koay Tew.


Authentic Mee Goreng.


Not to forget, a refreshing Cendol drink.


The rest of the afternoon, we strolled around for untouched, old architecture.

Houses and Offices.

Evening came, and the weather wasn’t very permitting. We weren’t able to go through the Hawker center somewhere near the bay area.

Also, stores and restaurants close early in the downtown area, so we just had dinner at a resto we found open somewhere.

Calling it a night, we took a taxi back to Just Inn.

To cap,

Accommodation: Just Inn Georgetown                          250.00 25.00
Souvenir: Magnet                          100.00 10.00
Souvenir: Keychain                          100.00 10.00
Souvenir: Men’s white shirts                          350.00 35.00
Souvenir: Ladies and child asstd                       1,030.00 103.00
Souvenir: Pants palozza                          100.00 10.00
Lunch: Char Koay Tew and Mee Goreng                            93.50 9.35
Snack: Cendol                            27.00 2.70
Dinner: Bah Kuh Teh Restaurant                          221.50 22.15
Taxi                            75.00 7.50
adv. Ticket bus to KL                          380.00 38.00
adv. Ticket for bus service from Just Inn to Bus station                            30.00 3.00
Snack: Coffee bean                          146.20 14.62
Bus to Jalan Kelawai (where we got lost)                            20.00 2.00
 Total 2,923.2 292.32



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